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What type of engagement ring bling is trending in 2018?

popular engagement rings 2018

An engagement ring is one of the most cherished pieces of jewelry that you will ever own, because it shows affection, admiration, and is a true symbol of love! Picking out an engagement ring that is your “forever ring” can be a difficult and, sometimes daunting task, since you have so many styles to choose from. Are you more of an emerald cut gal that revels in rose gold, or are you into a more modern oval cut ring in white gold? There is no better time than now to dive into the top 2018 choices. Don’t be afraid to go the non-traditional route, so you can embody a unique look that suits you best.

Engagement season is year-round these days, since guys like to pop the question at different times, so we’ve picked out plenty of styles for you to take a look at. Some of these trending 2018 designs involve halos, some involve classic diamond cuts, while others take on a whole new look that you may have never seen before! We’ve got you covered, no matter what kind of simulated engagement ring style you’re looking for!

Emerald Cut Halo

Emerald cut engagement rings are an exceptional option if you are looking for an elegant engagement ring that is clean and classic! Do you dare to dazzle with this exquisite ring?

Do emerald cut diamonds sparkle?

The steps that are cut into an emerald cut stone produce less sparkle than a round brilliant or oval cut, which is why it’s best to pair with a halo for extra sparkle!

What is an emerald cut diamond?

The emerald cut diamond is a rectangular-shaped cut that has steps “chiseled” into the diamond.

What is the best finger type for an emerald cut diamond?

Emerald cut stones can make shorter fingers look longer!

What is the difference between a radiant cut diamond and an emerald cut diamond?

Unlike an emerald cut diamond, a radiant cut one has a complete brilliant cut applied to it, which creates an even more sparkly diamond.

Oval Cut

Feast your eyes on this stunning oval cut ring that adorns a dainty band, with a full-sized diamond that is sure to catch anyone’s eyes.

What is an oval cut diamond?

Developed in the 1960s by Lazare Kaplan, oval cut diamonds were inspired by marquise cut and round brilliant cut to marry the sparkle of a round d

Oval diamonds do tend to look bigger, and what’s great about them is that they don’t lack in luster! You’ll pretty much get the same sparkle as a round brilliant cut diamond, which offers the most sparkle along with a bigger look.

What is an oval cut diamond actually called?

The technical shape of an oval cut is an elliptical variation of a round brilliant diamond, and it’ll give you a big look… especially when set on a dainty band.

What finger shape do oval diamonds look best on?

Oval helps lengthen the appearance of shorter fingers, so people with smaller hands usually go with an oval cut.

Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire

Make a bold statement and have all eyes on you with a 2 carat man-man diamond ring! This eye-catcher is sure to turn heads and make your friends jealous, all at the same time.

What is a diamond solitaire?

A solitaire diamond is any type of jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings, or even men’s jewelry) that has a single diamond without any other diamonds added to the piece.

What shape is a solitaire diamond?

A solitaire diamond can be any shape, including oval, round brilliant cut, cushion, emerald, marquise, or radiant cut. Typically, people go with a round brilliant cut diamond because it sparkles the most without needing a halo to reflect more light.

What kind of finger looks good with a 2 carat solitaire ring?

2 carat solitaires will look good on any ring since it is a nice ‘n big size!


Pear Halo with Sidestones

For lovers of all things sparkly, a simulated pear shaped diamond halo ring with side diamonds is the perfect design for 2018. Did you know that pear shaped diamonds are 1 of 2 shapes that are not symmetrical horizontally and vertically?

What is the proper way to wear a pear shaped ring?

Most would advise you to wear your pear shaped ring with the diamond pointing towards your fingernails, so that it makes your fingers look longer.

Are pear shaped diamonds in style?

Heck yes pear shaped engagement rings are one of the hottest trends of 2018! With a pear diamond, you’ll get curves mixed with sharp edges for a lovely look.

What do you call a pear shaped diamond?

Pear shaped diamonds flaunt modified round brilliant cut diamonds, which combines the look of a round and marquise shape.


Twisted Halo

You’ll be enchanted by this different take on a traditional round brilliant halo solitaire, by adding an intricate setting that sparkles splendidly.

What is the symbolism of twisted ring settings?

Combining two lives into one is the symbolism associated with intertwining engagement rings and wedding bands.

What type of finger looks good with a twisted setting?

All finger types look great with a twisted halo ring!

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